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The PAWS system is getting a facelift! In order for the IT department to help us take advantage of some new features in PAWS they need to upgrade the underlying architecture of the PAWS system. This upgrade will begin on Thursday, August 4 at 3 p.m. and is scheduled to be completed by Sunday, August 7 at 8 p.m. The PAWS system will not be available during this time. All other services such as email and internet will be accessible.

How will the upgrade impact students, faculty, and staff?

The upgrade offers many enhancements to PAWS, including an improved look and feel, as well as more efficient navigation within the system. The most noticeable change is the menu layout. The left menu has been replaced with drop-down menus (breadcrumbs) across the top of the page. These “breadcrumbs” will allow users to identify where they are in the system, as well as quickly navigate to other pages.

Will functionality be affected?

Functionality will not be affected. These enhancements provide a faster, more user-friendly way to access PAWS features; however, the actual steps you take to complete a task (such as requesting an Academic Requirements Report or scheduling classes) will not change. The upgrade will make getting to those functions easier.

Will training and updated documentation be made available?

Updated documentation and the training calendar are available now. Go to the PAWS Help website at to find an updated training calendar, a recent enhancements document, and updated tutorials. Additional training dates, tutorials and a video demo will be available in early August.

Over the past several months, a team made up of IT staff and Business Analysts from Enrollment Management and Student Accounts have been testing performance and functionality related to the upgrade. In addition, they have been utilizing resources made available by other colleges/universities that have already implemented the PeopleSoft tools upgrade in an effort to ensure a smooth transition. The team and its supporting staff are excited about the upcoming enhancements. If you have any questions/comments about the upgrade, please feel free to contact us at